Day 9: Peace and Tranquility

There was another shooting in the U.S. today — 3 policeman killed by a guy with an assault rifle. I just don’t understand it. What is going on?

New Zealand is ranked as the 4th most peaceful country in the world, following only behind Austria, Denmark and Iceland. That isn’t why I moved here but I know several people who immigrated here looking for a more peaceful place to raise their children. One of my friends from Seattle mentioned that she and her husband started looking here after their kids’ school was put on lock down several times in a year. But that’s also about where you live in the U.S. — I can only recall one time that my stepsons’ schools in Washington were locked down the whole time I lived there.

NZ does have a big problem with domestic violence — there was a UN report that found we are one of the worst of the developed countries in that regard and I see reports of child abuse a lot in the papers. It’s sad and seems so at odds with the chillaxed nature of most of the people here. Most of the kiwis I know are incredibly family oriented and extended family (whanau) is a huge part of the culture.

Today’s picture is of Castle Hill in the South Island of New Zealand. An amazing, peaceful, magical place in Canterbury. That’s my stepdaughter Danielle on the walkway.


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