Day 49: Breakfast of Champions

If you mention breakfast in New Zealand, it usually leads to one of two things — eggs or Weet-bix. Eggs can commonly be found in all combinations from eggs and toast, big breakfasts with eggs, egg and bacon sandwiches, poached eggs, boiled eggs, bacon and egg pie, etc. etc. etc. The traditional Kiwi big breakfast is similar to what you’d find in England with roasted tomato, baked beans, sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. The picture here is of the big breakfast from Kristy’s Cafe in Wanganui. Kristy’s is a unique little cafe that apparently has some really good savory pies as well but I haven’t yet tried them.

Big Breakfast

And then there’s Weet-bix. Weet-bix is a breakfast cereal biscuit that is (I think) the most common breakfast cereal in the country. It kind of looks (and tastes) like flakes of wheat layered on top of each other and then pressurized into little rectangular bars. It is manufactured in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa but each country seems to want to claim it as its own. Weet-bix had a marketing campaign in Australia that claimed “Aussie Kids are Weet-Bix kids” It was so successful that they did the same thing in New Zealand but of course changed it to “Kiwi Kids are Weet-Bix kids”.

Wikipedia says Weet-bix was developed in the mid 1920’s. It has been around as far back as my mother-in-law can remember and she is 86 years old.

I have tried Weet-bix and it isn’t bad but I don’t quite get what everyone here likes so much. At work, it is common to see boxes of it on people’s desks for their morning ‘brekkie’ and my step-daughter and her husband have convinced family to send some to them while they are living in Korea. There are articles with recipes on “21 New Ways to Eat Weet-bix”and other craziness. And a few months ago there was a news article about how Weet-bix was going for $50 per box in China! Apparently a Chinese television drama featured Weet-bix in one of its episodes which sparked an online craze for it.

Sanitarium (the company that makes Weet-bix) is also a big supporter of the All Blacks, New Zealand’s world champion rugby team. And now they have collectors cards in their boxes.


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  1. Hi Wendy,

    I’m an American getting ready to make the move to NZ. While I have visited quite a few times since I’m married to a kiwi I am pretty nervous about making the move ( in my 40’s too!). Your blog is helping me consider the little things I’ll need to adjust to and things to look forward to! Thanks for taking the time to complete your 365 challenge.



    1. Thanks Jennifer! That is so nice to hear and I am glad my little hobby is useful. It’s been fun to do and keeps me entertained. You should especially like today’s post about income taxes, or you will once you move here and you see how easy it is!

      When are you moving and do you know where you’ll live yet?



      1. Wendy,

        We just put our house on the market so once that is taken care of we’ll move. I’m expecting to be there by December – two summers in 1 year! My husband is from Hastings so that is our initial destination. We’ve been in the NC mountains for the last 12 years so looking forward to living near the beach. We’ll see where we end up. I like the idea of Wellington but can’t pass up free babysitting from the in-laws for a while!



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