Wendy’s Gone Walkabout

For those of you still tuned in to my blog, thank you! I haven’t posted in a couple of years (time goes by so quickly) and a lot has happened in that time but the Life In New Zealand blog still gets quite a bit of traffic which is great to see.

In 2017, a colleague of mine from the US reached out to see if I was interested in going back to the US for a job he had open. The role he proposed was too good to pass up so I packed up and went back to Seattle. After about a year and a half there, another opportunity popped up for the same company but in London. Again, too good to pass up so off I came to London. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and have been settling in and starting to explore the city and I thought now was a good time to pick up the blog again.

But a blog about life in New Zealand isn’t very good when you don’t live in New Zealand anymore! So I’ve decided to re-purpose my blog to focus on my travels in general — probably with a heavy emphasis on the UK now that I’m here.

Some come on, let’s go walkabout…


One comment

  1. An archetypal AUSSIE expression by a wandering American (I didn’t want to say Red Neck”, but hails from Georgia and Texas, so ‘if the cap fits…’) on a blog about New Zealand written while living in London. Wow, those metaphors are so mixed it’s all a nice even grey (notice the “e” for those of use who learned to spell English correctly).


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