Day 12: Sheep Really are Everywhere

No writing about New Zealand would be complete without a mention of sheep. Before I came here, every time someone heard about my upcoming move and where I was going they would immediately start talking about sheep. It took a while before I caught on to the trend and realized that it wasn’t just a coincidence :-).

Sheep are as much a part of New Zealand as green grass and rolling hills. There is a lot of dairy here too so you see a plenty of cows but sheep are everywhere — North, South, East, West, wherever you go there they are. Driving through the country and seeing sheep has become part of life now and I find that when we drive it is almost therapeutic to see them quietly grazing along the way.

We drove from Auckland to Wellington and back a few weeks ago and I was so excited to see pregnant sheep everywhere because that means lambing season is coming soon! The sheep pretty much give birth all within the space of a few weeks and there will be babies everywhere. Some people see lambs and think of tasty dinners to come but I like to watch them chase each other around the paddocks —  having that many babies at the same time is just adorable.

I’ll try to get some pictures once they are here but in the meantime, today’s pic is of one of the hillsides on the drive back to Auckland from Wellington. The white dots are all sheep!

I found an interesting site today that has links to other blogs in NZ — Kiwiology.

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