Day 3: Custard in a Carton

Custard is a big deal in NZ — it’s a dessert mainstay and will be found in just about any buffet line or traditional dessert menu. The consistency varies — sometimes you’ll see it heated and somewhat runny and others you’ll see beautiful blocks of custard called napoleons. Bakeries are much more common here than in the US and bakeries usually have some kind of custard filled yumminess.

And you can buy custard in a carton! It’s like a milk carton except filled with custard and it comes in varying sizes and thicknesses. When my stepsons visited NZ, they loved the idea so much they begged me to let them drink a carton of custard. I agreed, thinking they would have a few tastes and admit defeat. But no, it’s amazing what two teenage boys with a sweet tooth can consume.

Dairy in NZ is special. We have six sheep and 1.5 dairy cows per person in NZ! Everywhere you drive you see dairy cows — lots of dairy cows means lots of milk and cream and custard. We have the absolute best sour cream I’ve ever eaten and I can dedicate an entire page just to the chocolate eclairs and probably will.


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