Day 6: Hobbiton

Of course, just about any tourist coming to New Zealand now is aware of the Lord of the Rings movies. And Hobbiton is a must-see for ALL of the people who have come to visit me since I moved here. Which means that the tour guides at Hobbiton are going to start knowing my name before too long.

IMG_5551Hobbiton is the set that was used to film the hobbit village scenes from the movies. It is definitely a tourist thing but not to be missed in my opinion even if you’re not a big LOTR fan. It’s cute, it’s fun, and they do a really good job of managing the number of people on the site and giving you time to take pictures and enjoy it along the way. There have been a few times that I’ve been on the tour when we had kids who misbehaved and were annoying (mostly pre-teens who didn’t respect the set) but for the most part it has always been great.

IMG_5561They offer a fun dinner tour and banquet on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. It’s a bit expensive but we went once when my stepsons came to visit. More food than you could possibly eat and a great variety of Hobbit and Kiwi cuisine. And quality — not your typical buffet food. And with the night tour you get to spend longer on the set and get to go to a few places that the day tours don’t take you which is kinda fun. I believe the night tour is limited to 40 people (maybe even less) so it is a more intimate experience.


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