Day 29: Butter Conditioners

Our new apartment comes with a refrigerator that is awesome — it’s one of those hidden fridges that looks like a cabinet but isn’t. The kitchen cabinets are showing some wear and tear but we don’t mind as the cool factor is definitely there.

And the day we moved in, my partner and step-daughter were so excited to see that we have a butter conditioner. And I (of course) asked what the heck is a butter conditioner? So apparently it’s a thing in NZ. It may be a thing in other countries but I don’t think so. It’s a special section of your refrigerator that has a special temperature control so that you can put the butter in there and it stays soft.

My refrigerators in the U.S. had compartments that you could put your butter in for easy access, but nothing that was temperature controlled. You have to really hate hard butter to go through that kind of trouble :-).

It’s so important to some people that I found a comment thread from someone asking if they sold stand-alone butter conditioners since their new refrigerator didn’t have one. There was even an article in the NZ Herald about a man who was ‘distressed’ because the new version of his refrigerator didn’t have one — ‘Missing butter conditioner distress spreads‘.

Maybe I’m just not used to having ‘real’ butter?

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