Antarctica’s White Wilderness: The Adventure Begins

It’s done, the trip is booked. On December 21, 2019 I will board a plane from London to Buenos Aires and begin an adventure that will take me through the Patagonian Andes before embarking on a ship to Antarctica. If I was a frugal person I’d have invested the money, used it for a down payment on a house, or saved it for any one of a million rainy day savings opportunities. But no, Antarctica it is.

My mother and I have talked about going for years — I don’t remember how it first started but it was about ten years ago that she and my ex-husband began tossing the idea around in earnest. But then divorce happened, and I had other adventures to distract me. Until now.

The full trip is a little over three weeks’ duration so we picked one that falls over the Christmas and New Year’s breaks to reduce how much time I need to take off of work. Christmas Day is my mother’s birthday and we’ll spend it in Bariloche, Argentina. We’ll celebrate the new year on the M/V Corinthiana, a 98 passenger ship — somewhere in the Drake Passage on the way to Antarctica.

I know the trip is still four months away, but there’s actually quite a bit to do to prepare:

  • Because we’ll be at sea in a remote area for many days we have to get a doctor’s note and checkup. That is due in the next month as it has to be provided 90 days before departure.
  • I also want to get a prescription for travel sickness patches before we go.
  • And then I have to check on shots, Yellow Fever isn’t required but it is recommended for Iguassu Falls.
  • I need gear! We are travelling with a company we’ve used many times before, Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT). OAT will send us a parka as a gift before the trip and they will provide boots for us when we need them, but I still need to find good quality gloves, waterproof pants, and of course layers of clothing.

The need for a medical exam makes it feel very real! I gotta get moving.

See here for the next entry in my Antarctica story.


  1. This sounds like quite the experience … I am not sure I would be interested in going on such a small ship BUT if I could go on a cruise there I would totally consider it! Have you been on any cruises that you recommend??


    1. Hi Lindsay, it is a bit daunting for the ship to be so small, but for this kind of trip having a small ship means you can experience Antarctica more intimately. I’ve been on a few smaller cruises — through the Greek Islands, around the coast of Turkey, down the Suez Canal and off the Great Barrier Reef but I’ve only been on one large cruise ship. That one was from Seattle, Washington up to Alaska and it was absolutely beautiful.

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      1. Wendy … do you mind sharing which cruiseline you used for the trip around turkey? My aunt owns a place in Turkey and I’d like to see a bit more of turkey when I visit. Recommendations??


      2. Sorry Lindsay, I missed replying to this! I visited Turkey for a month when I was there — we traveled for two weeks on our own and spent two weeks on a tour with Overseas Adventure Travel. OAT is the same company we’re going to Antarctica with. the cruise part of our trip was when we were with OAT — it was truly great, I plan to add it to the blog at some point. Details on that tour are here if you’re interested —


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