Day 19: Cork Screw Not Required

It’s a little thing, but in the U.S. when I went shopping for wine I ignored all of the bottles with a screw top. My thoughts (rightly or wrongly) were that only the cheap wine had a screw top. Corks meant good wine and who doesn’t want good wine?

NZ Wine TrailNZ has some of the best wines I’ve ever tried and magnificent wine country. The NZ wine trail is a “sign-posted 380km (240 mile) self-drive touring route that leads you off the beaten track. Travel through four of New Zealand’s most interesting and scenic regions, including three major wine growing areas that account for more than 70% of the New Zealand’s total annual wine production.” And if you make it down to Blenheim and want a break from drinking wine, the Makana Chocolate shop has the absolute best butter toffee crunch you will ever eat!

IMG_7572But corks in NZ are rare. According to Wikipedia, screw cap usage went from 1% in NZ to 70% in 2004. I don’t know what the percentage is now but I’m sure even higher than that. There are many reasons for loving screw tops — the best of which is that it means you don’t need to carry a cork screw with you when traveling. Today’s cover picture, for instance, is of a kayaking trip we took a few months ago with no cork screw in sight.


Another great benefit of screw tops is that you can easily reseal the bottle and carry it with you if there is still wine left over. That isn’t such a common problem in our household but maybe in yours?

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