The ‘King’s Cross’ Pie Bar

Because of my love of travel and my job in Islington, I decided to live in King’s Cross when I moved to London — it’s a 20 minute walk to work and in less than 10 minutes I can be on a train to most places in London or to France, Belgium, the Netherlands Scotland or wherever. And also in King’s Cross is a lovely little eatery called Piebury Corner.

I worked at the Texas Renaissance Festival for many years during university — they have booths at the fair that sold something called a Scotch Egg. A Scotch Egg here was basically a hard-boiled egg surrounded by sausage and deep fried. After a night out with friends or a long day selling hats in the cold and rain, the salty comfort food was a treat. I never bothered to question whether the egg was really ‘Renaissance’. The festival takes some liberties with food stalls and wasn’t always authentic in that respect.

But here I was a few months ago, walking down the street in King’s Cross and I stopped to check out the menu outside of Piebury Corner and I was shocked and surprised to see not only one Scotch Egg on the menu but a whole selection! Not only was it a real thing but there was more than one option to choose from. A quick Google search shows that Scotch Eggs are not at all Scottish, and nobody seems for sure where they originated from.

So last weekend I checked it out. Piebury Corner it turns out also has some award-winning savory pies. The pies have what is called ‘shortcrust’ pastry so they have a light & flaky rather than heavy like many English pie crusts.



We tried their traditional Scotch Egg (Classic Pork & Herb) and I was humored to see it was really similar to what I had in Texas many years ago. Salty, fried, and really not at all nutritious but quite delicious :-). So if you’re in King’s Cross and want to check out a couple of English classics I’d recommend it.



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