Fin del Mundo — the End of the World

This morning we were up at 3 am to catch an early flight to Ushuaia — the Southernmost city in the world and the gateway to Antarctica. The expeditions and cruises that head to Antarctica and Patagonia leave from here. I had expected Ushuaia to be a little frontier town so when we flew in it was a surprise to see how large it is (population 150,000). But that growth is relatively recent — 40 years ago the town had a population of 5,000 which means it has seen one of the sharpest population growths in the world. I’m pretty sure that tourism is driving much of that.

After we arrived, we spent the day exploring the town and doing a bit of shopping. Tomorrow we head off to Tierra del Fuego National Park which will make for another early morning.

But before heading off to bed, I sat on the windowsill and marveled at the sunset. The sun went behind the mountains at about 10 pm. But it wasn’t until almost midnight that it actually got dark!


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